ECG Machine

Cardiskan ECG Machine

Features :

  • Simultaneous 12 lead ECG
  • ECG acquisition at 1000 samples/sec
  • 3.5” TFT Display with resistive touchscreen
  • Intuitive hotkeys for quick operation
  • 3 Channel thermal printer
  • Built-in ECG measurements and interpretation
  • Visual alarm indicator



  • 12 Lead PC based ECG Machine
  • Optional ECG analysis package
  • PDF Print, Patient database Management & A4 Print
  • Compact & highly portable

VCardia-12 Channel Machine, Accurate ECG Report 24x7 Within 10 Mins

VCardia is our endeavour to simplify cardiac care using InstaECG. It is a comprehensive ECG solution that provides – advanced 12 channel ECG machine, cloud storage of digital data and 24×7 instant reporting service. This innovative app-based product takes InstaECG a step further by integrating the ECG machine and the communicator. It is compact, portable and works with all android based mobile phones. 

  1. 12 Channel ECG: VCardia is the future of cloud based ECG machine developed to match the performnce of some of the most premium machines in the market.
  2. 24×7 ECG Diagnosis in 10 minutes:  Round the clock, Instant & Accurate ECG Interpretations provided by a team of Doctors in 10 minutes
  3. Platform: Mobile and web application to access, manage and monitor ECG reports, analytics and patient journey at your medical practice


  1. Upgrade clinic & Increase in patient walk-ins: Tricog Partner clinics have seen a significant increase in patient walk-ins because of prompt reporting
  2. Identify abnormal & critical cardiac conditions: Covers 200+ critical heart conditions, even identifies one in a million cases
  3. Easy Access to Reports: ECG reports are sent to the team at the hospital/clinic/diagnostic centre via Email, Mobile App and Customer Portal.
  4. Critical Alert: Tricog provides critical case alert by physically calling the medical center in case of critical ECGs

How it works

  1. Technician performs 12- lead ECG on VCardia ECG machine by attaching their Andoid mobile (should have a SIM with active internet connection – 2G/3G/4G)
  2. Patient leads (6 – Chest Leads & 4 Arm/Limb Leads) are connected as per the standard protocol
  3. Technician can enter patient details on the VCardia app (Name, Age, Gender, Other symptoms) and capture the ECG
  4. ECG once captured is automatically uploaded to cloud within few seconds
  5. Tricog’s in-house medical team will diagnose the ECG within 10 mins, round the clock
  6. ECG report is notified via Mobile App, Email and Customer Portal
  7. The medical center/doctor/ technician receives ECG report and takes appropriate action based on clinical coorelation