Icu Ventilator

SkanRespiro Plus ICU Ventilator

Skanray’s critical care ventilator is designed to offer the clinicians with the flexibility to control the patient’s ventilatory status coupled with  intelligent algorithms that reduces the incidence of Ventilator Induced Lung Injury (VILI). 16 vital parameters are presented to clinicians in  clear manner for them to assess and manage their patient’s clinical condition.

  • Pediatric to Adult ICU Ventilator with advanced compressor design
  • Volume & pressure controlled breath types
  • Invasive & non-invasive applications as standard
  • In-built nebulizer port
  • 4 hrs battery back up

Ventilation modes:

  1. Volume Control: A/CMV, SIMV+ PS, CPAP+PS
  2. Pressure Control:
        1. A/CMV, SIMV+ PS, CPAP+PS
        2. APRV, BI_LEVEL
  3. pressure regulated volume Control: A/CMV, SIMV+PS